The Peace Intention is the opportunity for each and every one of us to play a vital role in

making our shared DREAM of WORLD PEACE a REALITY

I started the Peace Intention because I believe that a dream shared by billions of people must become a reality. Today our dream may seem naive but we can change that, we must change that.  After years of working with individuals and groups to help them change their lives I know that choosing to let go of limiting beliefs and taking responsibility for our emotional reactions can fundamentally change the reality we experience. Now it’s time to apply that understanding to create our shared dream of world peace. By letting go of the idea that conflict and war are inevitable and choosing instead to make Peace the focus of our intention we are taking the vital first step.

Afterall, everything humanity has ever created began first as an intentiophoton.

The Peace Intention is the vehicle for us to join together to create the solid foundation on which we will build the reality of world peace.

No one will do it for us…it’s up to us to reclaim our humanity from the horrific aberration of war.  This is our opportunity and if we decide to join together to take it, world peace is not only possible, it’s inevitable…it’s time.

Freya Lawton, Founder of  The Peace Intention 
& author of The Peace Intention Handbook - The StillFlow Way to Peace



Do you want peace – in you and in the world?


If you do then it’s time to take these first steps to making it a reality.



STEP 1: Decide to make peace your intention

by signing The Peace Intention Declaration

Every single thing humanity has created began first as an intention.

In order to achieve anything, including something as significant as world peace,

we must first be ready to make it our intention.

By signing the declaration you are declaring to yourself and to the world that you intend to play your part in making peace a reality.

This may seem like a small act but is the vital foundation on which we will build world peace.




STEP 2: Start creating peace by downloading (and reading!) your FREE copy of

The Peace Intention Handbook

Intention without action is not enough. The next step is to take positive action to create peace.

This is a simple and straight-foward guide to making peace right here and now!



“…Your handbook absolutely blows me away as you cover everything I have learned and try to practice and all in one pdf.
You ‘wowed’ me time after time as you hit the nail on the head and with simple but powerful explanations!
I have already sent copies to 2 friends who will undoubtedly benefit from it and will purchase a paperbook soon.
Awesome work, well done and thankyou!!”
Much love, John



STEP 3: Join us in sharing the Peace Intention

To make peace a reality we need your help to share the Peace Intention.

It’s time to have the courage of our convictions and to begin to speak openly

about our intention to make peace a reality.

The more of us that intend it and take steps towards creating it – the more powerful our intention will become.

Billions share our dream of peace and now it’s time to encourage them to share the intention.

The intention of every single one of us matters.



Could it be that a single thought, YOUR thought, could change the destiny of a universe?

This is the essence of The Peace Intention.

Your thoughts, your intentions and the actions that flow from them, have the power to change our world.

Contemplate that possibility as you watch this beautiful video created by Kristian Ulrich Larsen and Olafur Haraldsson