Speak Up for World Peace

(without starting an argument that is!)


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If we are going to move towards World Peace we have to be prepared to Speak Up for it as a possibility. For too long the very words ‘World Peace’ have been ridiculed and demoted to the ramblings of the idealistic, naive or the stoned hippie! If we don’t Speak Up and share with others the reasons why we are willing to say World Peace is possible our intention will go no further.

So what can we do to bring the topic of World Peace back to the table especially when it seems so far away? How can we have a meaningful discussion without ourselves creating more conflict? What is World Peace and why is it different to simply stopping war? What would a world where military intervention has been outlawed look like?

It’s all about our story

At the end of the day we each have our own story – a story which tells us what’s right and wrong, what’s possible and not possible, who are the good guys and who are the bad guys (obviously ‘we’ are always the good guys).  We all believe everyone shares our own version of the story – but they don’t – they have their own story created by the accident of birth that determined the geography, religion, politics, gender and experiences of their life journey. The main narrative of our human story concerns how are we going to stay alive, to live comfortably even and how we will be safe and happy. It also therefore points out the threats to us doing so.

We create the potential for conflict when we introduce the idea that other people are trying to prevent us from living well.

When we feel threatened we look into our story to find a way to improve things – we look for someone to blame and in that state it is easy for those that profit from conflict (and we must never forget that war is now a multi-billion dollar industry) to exploit our fears and encourage us to see a group of ‘other’ people as an ‘enemy’ seeking to prevent us from being happy, from living well, perhaps even from living at all! So instead of seeing that this so called ‘enemy’ also has a story which similarly distorts their thinking we seek to destroy them.

We forget that whatever side of the conflict we are on, the fundamental purpose f the story we live by is all about how we will survive, how we will be comfortable and happy.

So on that level we are all fighting for what our story tells us is a just cause and that our enemy is ‘wrong’.

So where does this leave us? Well it brings to mind this quote from Albert Einstein:

“We cannot solve the challenges we now face from the level of thinking with which we created them.”

This tells us two things about what what one of the greatest minds of the 20th century was telling us:

1) WE create our challenges with our thinking (our story)

2) We need to move to another level of thinking if we are ever to create World Peace. (we need a new story)

So, if the world we are experiencing and the conflict we see within it is being created by our thinking and both we ourselves and those we call our enemies believe we are doing the ‘right’ thing, to Speak Up for World Peace we have raise the discussion above the issue of who is right and who is wrong (afterall everyone thinks they are right). We need to move the conversation to a level which will be meaningful in informing the future we create for ourselves and our children.

The simple question we must ask is:

What story are we telling ourselves and is it time to change it?

Do we want to hang onto the ways of thinking (the old story) that creates conflict in our own lives and war on the world stage? Or do we want to expand to a bigger picture, one which recognises that fundamentally all human beings are striving to achieve the same things, food and shelter, safety and comfort, meaning and connection (love). We may not understand or like their methods of attempting to fulfill their needs but perhaps we can accept that that did what they did based on the story they were told and the situation they found themselves in.  Our own story might urge us to condemn them or see them as wrong or even evil but can we be certain we wouldn’t have acted in a similar way if we were born into their shoes.

Can we develop a broader point of view, a way of thinking and being which moves us beyond good and bad and towards empathy, compassion and a desire to understand other points of view (the other story) however uncomfortable that may make us feel. It doesn’t require us to like or even forgive the actions of other people but it allows us to accept that their story, their situation, their needs may be fundamentally different to our own.  From this broader understanding we can begin to tell ourselves a different story about the future path of humanity, one where World Peace is established on our desire to provide for the fundamental needs of all people. In this new story World Peace is not only possible but is an inevitable part of our own evolution.

Here are a few ways you can

Speak Up for World Peace right now:


  • Share www.thepeaceintetion.org with everyone you know.
  • Share the FREE book ‘The StillFlow Way to Peace’  This is one of the most helpful things you can do.  StillFlow is a simple, straight-forward way of creating peace in the world by allowing peace in your own life. The peace-making potential created by living the StillFlow way won’t take generations, decades or even years to grasp. Once you’ve read my little book, you’re fully empowered to start improving your relationships with family, friends and colleagues – anyone can make a start – straight away!

“By putting StillFlow into practice in my relationship with my line manager I realised that I found her easier to communicate with and be around than my colleagues did.  I was less likely to be involved in conflict with her and more likely to find common ground.  I am convinced that StillFlow is what made that possible.”

Ali, Sheffield, UK

  • Talk about your personal commitment to World Peace with your friends, family and strangers alike. We need to elevate World Peace from our secret dream to our clear and focused intention. We need to let others know that we no longer see World Peace as a naive dream and that we are ready and willing to make it a reality.  Let others know by talking openly about it and encouraging them to visit this website to sign the Peace Intention Declaration and download and read The StillFlow Way to Peace themselves.
  • Make a donation to support my work at The Peace Intention. Your donation will help me to make Speak Up for World Peace workshops available online and in person to anyone that is inspired to create their own Legacy for World Peace.
  • Come to a Speak Up for World Peace workshop. Get in touch for more details.
  • Add a link to www.thepeaceintention.org on your website.
  • Add one of The Peace Intention banners to on your own website as a sign that you’re committed to creating peace. As more people do this, it will become easier to identify and work with people and businesses that share our Intention and are themselves committed to creating World Peace.


Remember there are billions of people on this planet that share our dream to live in peace

Let everyone know it’s time for us to write a new story for humanity in which World Peace is not only possible but inevitable.

“It’s clear that we’ve reached a critical time in human history, perhaps the most critical we’ve ever faced.

If the ideas and information on this website resonate with you, please share them as widely and as quickly as possible.

The more people that recognise their own vital role in creating world peace, the more chance we have of turning the current world crisis into an opportunity to raise our thinking to a new level that recognises our inter-connectivity and our inter-dependance. Which allows us to create a new story to guide our personal and collective futures which reflect our greatest potential and highest human ideals of compassion, empathy and equality.”

Freya Lawton

Coming Soon!

‘Peace Talks’ 

I’ll be exploring thoughts and ideas aimed to help us all Speak up for World Peace as we begin to write our new story for the future of humanity.

  • What is the story we have been told, who told us it and why and is it time for a new one?
  • What are the beliefs the story has led us to believe that stand between us and world peace?
  • What does the old story tell us about ourselves, about each other and about our potential to live in Peace?